Valu-Pak is a powerhouse duo that utilizes looping devices to create the sensation of a trio, quartet, or even at times a quintet. The tune maker, Paul Beaudry plays catchy melodies and thumping bass lines incorporating, guitar, keys, and sparse sax while singing lead. The time keeper, Jeff Warden sings background vocals and uses his exceptional rhythms to piece it all together, or more frankly, to beat on the drums. From punk pop to rock n roll, and from groovy blues to surf lounge, Valu-Pak keep it moving with their energized sets playing such stages as the Sunset, Blue Moon, the Skylark, and the High Dive. People have compared Valu-Pak to the Modern Lovers, Violent Femmes, and Weezer and often play shows with local bands the Resets, A Gun That Shoots Knives and Kled. Please have a listen, audio/video.

A Little History

Valu-Pak was born in a suburban house in the northern Seattle metropolitan area. Beginning as a two piece, founding members Danny Thomas and Paul Beaudry played in a garage. They played loud, they played house parties in Olympia, they recorded stuff, and it was really fun! Danny played guitar when Paul played the drums and Paul played the bass when Danny played the drums. Neither of the two were exceptional at drumming, they needed a drummer. Enter Tim Weeks. Tim's appearance allowed Valu Pak to reshape their songs into a powerful trio, plus they didn't have to switch up, keeping Danny on guitar and Paul on bass. This new line-up had some great times, one in particular was opening up for the Presidents of the United States of America at the Timber Wolf Pub at Snoqualmie Pass. They also appeared at the Stanwood Tavern, and entertained the passers by at the Fremont Fair. As great as it was, things began to sour between the duo and Tim, thus returning the group to a two piece for a short while.

Now scouting for skin hitters, they came across Dusty Haze at a Gavin Gus show - with whom he still plays today. When Dusty joined the roster, things were really cookin', they were booking shows at Seattle favorites such as the Sunset Tavern, Chop Suey, and the legendary Crocodile Cafe, things were really taking off. But on one sad day, Danny told the trio that he had to move down to Eugene, Oregon. There, he started a family, his wife went to grad school and he was living the American Dream.

Not too late, Marty Ballew of Half Acre Day stepped in to fill the guitar void and the band began to sizzle again. Valu-Pak began recording a new album that would feature local highlights with guitar solos by Bill Horist and Jason Goessl, and backing vocal tracks by Chris Ballew. Once again they held steady to the classic Seattle venues and they were getting asked to play them. A favorite invite was a Duran Duran cover night at the Crocodile Cafe for Dancing on the Valentine an annual benefit for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. However, while all this great stuff was happening, Dusty and Marty were slowly moving towrds their career paths. This made the recording process daunting, and scheduling in practices became more and more difficult, and the band began to lose momentum. Eventually, Valu-Pak played their last show as a trio at the High Dive in Seattle. Valu-Pak was now a solo act.

Jeff Warden had come down to that Duran Duran cover night, and there Paul and Jeff talked about getting together to jam a bit. Once they did get together, it was obvious that Valu-Pak had been reborn into a Powerhouse Duo.